Happy New Year and welcome aboard

Travel fans it has been a very long time since I have written a blog post for the Tigerista……. but my experience today has made me smile despite inauspicious beginnings.

I am currently at T4 in Melbourne waiting to board a 12.15 flight to Brisvegas to see my parents….. bless.  Today”s flight was paid for by a cancelled at the last minute by Tiger flight and a two hour wait on hold in early December.  If I had been writing this a month ago I would have been far less positive that I am today.  Even in my complaint to customer service I was petty positive, I have found Tiger to be everything  I need a from an airline.  You get me from A to B, mostly on time and my luggage arrives with me and for a single parent with several large offspring, I get to travel almost as often as I would like which I could not do on any other airline….. so cudos.

But today  made a mistake.  In the tips of my toes on my way to the airport I knew that I had made a mistake….. I had underestimated how much the Christmas presents in my bag weighed.  I even had an opportunity to weigh my bags before I left and I didn’t so I only have myself to blame. So here is the good bit – I confessed pretty quickly.  One lovely customer service lady was concerned that I thought I had to line up to check my bags, to which I responded no – my bags were overweight.  Not by a little bit either, by 4 kilos.  The sad news imparted to be at check in was that this would cost me an additional $25 per kilo to Brisbane.  She must have seen me go pale under my Chanel foundation because her next suggestion was to move 4 kilos of luggage to my hand luggage and pay the $49 at the gate.  Half off is half off in my books – so a move of Christmas presents from suitcase to hand luggage and a quick re-weight I was on my way to the boarding gate to pay the additional cost.  The staff at the boarding gate were delightful – such a pleasure to deal with.  My flight details were updated and I will not be holding the line up to board my 12.15 flight.

So fellow travelers, the moral to my cautionary tale – this would have cost me an additional $10 if I had followed my gut instinct in the car prior to 10.15 am (2 hours before my flight) or if I had taken two seconds to weigh my bags at home.  So weigh your bags, luggage limits are there for a reason and part of that reason is to maintain low ticket prices.    It’s the drawback of budget travel, but hey, it’s really not that bad.

To the lovely Tiger staff who helped me this morning – Happy New Year, keep smiling and I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon (Thursday 5 January to be exact!)



A word about other modes of transport

Every second weekend I travel three hours to a small town of 200 near the base of Mt Buller in Victoria.  I do this to spend time with my beloved, you know, the super tall sheep and cattle farmer.  Every second weekend he comes to Melbourne.  Each weekend has its charms.  The only drawback is the three hours that it takes to travel 250 kms…….

After six months of travel I have gathered the following stats:

  • it takes three hours by VLine bus and is$50 return.  Pro, I don’t have to drive, con, the only bus out of Mansfield on Sunday leaves at 6.00 pm which means I don’t get home until 9.30
  • The Subi gets about 450 kms out of a tank so the trip is more than a tank.  At $1.50 a litre, this is an expensive habit equating to about $60 to $70 a trip
  • I do borrow my son’s wee Ford Festiva, in his car the cost of petrol is about the $40 mark
  • Whether you go through Strath Creek or Seymour, the kms are basically the same and the time is the same
  • It is three hours door to door from Altona Meadows to Merrijig
  • It is also three hours door to door from Carlton to Merrijig in peak hour traffic (because I can’t leave before 5)

I think at the end of the day, I have found the most cost effective way to travel, with the indulgence of my eldest son.  Until the development of personal air transport my trip to the farm will remain a six hour commitment every second weekend.  That’s ok – because I use the time to plan when the trip won’t be necessary anymore because we will have a little spot of paradise that we call our own.

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